Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Do you know what a Roman Candle is?

I want to give a special pep talk to the troops supporting me in this riding.
There was a one year long party held by NERO in which Christians were tied to polls in his garden, doused with oil and asked if they wished to recant their belief that Christ had risen from the dead and that he now lived inside of them and will resurect them as well some day. When they said no they would not recant this the torch was pressed to them and they were lit up like candles for the amusement of the friends of NERO that were invited to the party.
You do not have to be a Christian to believe in your conscience that it should not be violated by government and that government must be held accountable. My story is just an example. Allow me to widen the scope of this by saying. The persuit of truth, justice and freedom of religion which is part of our Judeo Christian Heritage as a country is such that there are people who are willing to die for it. Our soldiers are another example of such resolve.
Canada sent more than their share of troops during both world wars becasue of the Canadian culture which fostered this. That is because there was a belief in truth and justice and that it was worth protecting. Today sadly our youth are struggling to find out what made our nation great and why we see ourselves in glowing terms on the world scene. We need to remind them of our resolve when many of us were Roman Candles so that they could have the freedoms they enjoy today.
Canada is a great nation because of our conviction and resolve to stand up for truth. I ask you will Canada continue to be great if we silence people who hold convictions? (See our post regarding Harpers efforts at this
Do you want a representative who is not saying what they mean and meaning what they say becuase they tow the party line which does not allow them to do this? Or do you want a representitive sent to Ottawa that will clearly state their convictions? I invite any of the candidates to stand out and speak their convictions. Be a Roman Candle. A Candle blowing in the wind but one that stands for truth despite the odds of society wanting to hear that truth. Wear the white ribbon if you believe in the right to life from inception to natural death. Don't tell me that you can't do this. We need candidates who we can trust who will not compromise their standards.
I had the opportunity many years ago to declare personal bankruptcy but did not. Others would have suffered harm who invested in me by that decision. The right thing to do is what is right and not what is expedient. I have never regreted my decision but I do not have as much material wealth today becasue of it. It took me 10 years of hard work to pay off those creditors before I could start my career after that as an investor. I missed out on 10 lucritive years in the market. But I can live with my conscience. That matters more. I learned a hard lesson that money is not all that matters. As a side benefit of my decision which I didn't think about then is that I could run in this race as a candidate now because if I owed anyone anything from the past my conscience wouldn't have allowed me to do this now.
In this election, winning is not all that matters. Standing for the truth in our society matters more. Even if it seems impossible to win. we need votes for candidates who say what they mean and mean what they say to represent us. I wish voters would stop telling me they agree with me. Over 54% of Canadians agree with CHP, more than any other party. Just tell me that you will vote with your conscience on election day and not compromise by voting for someone else who compromised.
My supporters in this riding are also Candles in the wind as Elton John's song goes. I thank you for your support.


Your chance to hear all the candidates
Make sure you hear the rogers debate or the Newmarket debate tonight. Come early as people were locked out in Aurora who didn't if you are comming to the Newmarket debate.

Rogers Cable Debate was recorded at 4 pm on Oct 7th.
Please record the show as it is mostly being broadcast during the daytime hours.

Broadcast times
Tuesday Oct 7.Tuesday
October 7 at 7 pm
Wednesday October 8 at 10 am
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The townhall debate in Newmarket is to be held at 7 pm, Wednesday Oct 8th. Location: 505 Pickering Crescent at the Newmarket TheatreFor those who can't make it to any of the townhall events,or who would like to review what I am going to say ahead of time,

I have posted my opening speech.

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