Monday, October 6, 2008

Stewardship of the Environment

CHP recognizes that Mankind has been given the responsibility of being stewards of the earth. Listen to what one of our candidates in another riding, "Peter Vogel" has to say about his pioneering efforts at stewardship.

(look toward the bottom of this page for what he has posted on Youtube)

CHP Agrees with the following message regarding Carbon Taxes being nothing but a tax grab by the parties who are talking about it.

We also believe the Green movement is based on bad science. Listen carefully to what I have to say about this. Listen to my comments in my closing remarks that were delivered in the Aurora / Newmarket Debate.

The townhall debate in Aurora was held at 7 pm. Location: 150 Henderson Drive at Theatre Aurora
We were handing out ribbons for the right to life. We commend Dorion Baxter as the only other candidate that agreed to dawn the right to life symbol which stands for "the right to life from inception to natural death". Although other candidates said they agreed with it they refused to wear the ribbon. We advise anyone concerned about that to ask your candidate why they refused. We want the public who agrees with us to make a 3" x 1/4 inch ribbon pinned in a loop and wear it for the remainder of this election period. All the other parties have not only promised not to make this an election issue but they have also promised not to have it on their agenda if they are voted in.

There was a debate at Sacred Heart High School
It was for the students of Sacred Heart only. Not open to thep public at 8:30 am Tuesday October 7th. If you are fortunate to have a young person in your familly who attended the debate at that school ask them were their white ribbon is that we offered them which stands for the "right to life from inception to natural death". We asked the students to wear these if they believe in this issue until the election day. If anyone wants one email me.

We have a video of the questions and just Ray Luff's answers we are working on putting on You Tube. Come back here now and then to see if we have posted it yet.

Rogers Cable Debate was recorded at 4 pm on Oct 7th. Times aired on Channel 10:
Please set you pvr to record this event if you missed it on Tuesday Oct 7.

Tuesday October 7 at 7 pm
Wednesday October 8 at 10 am
Wednesday October 8 at 3 pm
Thursday October 9 at 2 pm
Sunday Octover 12 at 7 pm

The townhall debate in Newmarket is to be held at 7 pm, Wednesday Oct 8th. Location: 505 Pickering Crescent at the Newmarket Theatre

For those who can't make it to any of the townhall events,
or who would like to review what I am going to say ahead of time, I have posted my opening speech.

My planned closing speach

Advanced Polling is unfair to CHP
Advanced Polling is unfair to CHP as they are the only other legal Party. A party must have 50 ridings covered in order to issue tax receipts and have their name on the ballot. CHP is the only one that met that criteria with 62 candidates after the Green Party. The CHP lost millions of dollars of free advertising by being refused access to the same debates the Greens were given access to. Advanced polling has resulted in 1.5 million voters voting in ridings where their local townhall meetings and local cable broadcast debates which feature CHP candidates have not yet been held. Also repeated attempts to get into print media has been met with only limited success. We need all the time available to get our message out. Already I have had advanced poll voters apologizing to me becasue they did not know the CHP platform, claiming they would have voted CHP. If you agree with me write to the editor of your local paper. Make your complaint known. Also ask them why my picture was the only one not displayed in the paper and why the social conservative platform was not of interest to the local media. Send me a copy if you do write.

Vote Your Concience, Vote CHP, Vote Ray Luff!


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