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CHP says Kill Bill C51 & C52

Ray Spoke at Nature's Emprium at 7pm on October 3rd, 2008
Ray presented his party's platform and then addressed Bills C51 & Bill C52 that were before the house before this election was called which take away due process of law if they are to be enacted.

CHP has definitely come out against Bill C51 and Bill C52. We also are against allowing our government to adopt standards from either the FDA in the USA or the World Health Organization of the European Union without our own investigation of those standards.

Bill C51 & Bill C52 would allow the civil servants of our country to make a law which does not have to be read in Parliament, does not have to pass the judgement of our court system, does not require warrants for arrest and allows for penalties for infractions to be increased from $5,000.00 per infraction to $250,000.00 per infraction. Enough to bankrupt an independent retailer. This is a circumvention of the due process of law and is a draconian overstepping of the authority of a government which thinks they hold Supremacy. Our charter says that we are a country which recognizes the Supremacy of God.

If you don't believe there is a God we ask you to think about your conscience. Do you want a government that violates your conscience? CHP stands for freedom of religion, thought and practice providing you do not harm the freedoms of others. There are 62 Ridings where CHP is on the ballot. Newmarket is one of them. Help us to send a clear message to Ottawa.
The Conservative minority government introduced these bills. It is feared that if they get a majority they will rush these bills through parliament. IF You want C51 and C52 scrapped then VOTE CHP. VOTE RAY LUFF in the upcoming election.
To see what Ron Gray our party leader has to say.
To invite Ray to speak to a group of citizens of Newmarket - Aurora contact him directly rayluff@rogers.com

Get your white ribbon that night as well.

Ray Luff,

Ray Luff will was on CFRB live at 2:45 Nation wide on October 3rd,2008. To hear what he had to say click on the following link. http://bibledoor.no-ip.org/pdf/chp_cfrb_20081003_rayluff_live.mp3

Ray was on A News on October 1st, 2008 at 6pm for a brief interview. Some of you saw it.


Sign up to be a member of CHP only $5. Join the party even if you have no CHP candidate in your riding so we can get a candidate for you to vote for in the next election. We are fast growing. We have 62 of the 300 ridings covered in this election. That is up from 45 candidates in the last election. Help us to send our candidate to your townhall debates in the next election. Be brave and join so that we can field candidates in all 300 ridings in the next election.

Or email me and I will sign you up personally

Ray Luff,

View Some Video Messages from Ron Gray

Ron Gray debunks some of the things being talked about in this election and he expands on some things that are being said.
http://www.chp.ca/en/multimedia/ads.htmlhp.ca/en/multimedia/ads.htmlhp.ca/en/multimedia/ads.html -

Compare the top 5 party platforms. (Quebec Seperatist Party not included)

Compare the views of candidates as published by Campaign Life for your riding

See what an organization called Christian Government has to say


Not Now, Not Ever Will Conservatives Protect Unborn.

Prime Minister Harper: Not Now, Not Ever Will Conservative Government Protect Unborn Children "This government will not open, will not permit anyone to open the abortion debate"

By John-Henry Westen

OTTAWA, September 29, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - In his strongest statements in support of unlimited abortion on demand in Canada, Prime Minister Harper today told reporters that his government would not only not open the abortion issue itself, but would prevent anyone else from raising it...

The full text of the story is available at:
The Globe and mail just picked this story up as well:
Another article by Ron Gray leader of the CHP on this topic: http://www.chp.ca/en/communiques/04-08-2008.html
Does Harper have a hidden agenda? Let me remind folks that many social conservatives voted for Hitler becasue they didn't believe what he said in Mein Kempf. What is Harper saying? And what is he not allowing his candidates to say?

If "life for the unborn from inception to natural death" is an important topic to you then wear a white ribbon for the remainder of the election. Contact us for one. More about this.

Do you know what a Roman Candle is?
There was a one year long party held by NERO in which Christians were tied to polls in his garden, doused with oil and asked if they wished to recant their belief that Christ had risen from the dead and that he now lived inside of them and will resurect them as well some day. When they said no they would not recant this the torch was pressed to them and they were lit up like candles for the amusement of the friends of NERO invited to the party.

The persuit of truth, justice and freedom of religion which is part of our Judeo Christian Heritage as a country is such that there are people who are willing to die for it. Our soldiers are another example of such resolve.

Do you want a representative who is not saying what they mean and meaning what they say becuase they tow the party line which does not allow them to do this? Or do you want a representitive sent to Ottawa that will clearly state their convictions? I invite any of the candidates to stand out and speak their convictions. Be a Roman Candle. A Candle blowing in the wind but one that stands for truth despite the odds of society wanting to hear that truth. Wear the white ribbon if you believe in the right to life from inception to natural death. Don't tell me that you can't do this. We need candidates who we can trust who will not compromise their standards.
Even if it seems impossible to win we need votes for Candidates who say what they mean and mean what they say to represent us. I wish voters would stop telling me they agree with me. Over 54% of Canadians agree with CHP, more than any other party. Just tell me that you will vote with your conscience on election day and not compromise by voting for someone else who compromised.
I had the opportunity many years ago to declare personal bankruptcy but did not. Others would have suffered harm who invested in me by that decision. The right thing to do is what is right and not what is expedient. I have never regreted my decision but I do not have as much material wealth today becasue of it. It took me 10 years of hard work to pay off those creditors before I could start my career after that as an investor. I missed out on 10 lucritive years in the market. But I can live with my conscience. That matters more. As a side benefit of my decision which I didn't think about then is that I could run in this race as a Candidate now because if I owed anyone anything from the past my conscience wouldn't have allowed me to do this now.
Winning is not all that matters. Standing for the truth in our society matters more.


Monday, September 29, 2008

Tories targeted our riding as key to this election.

Newmarket - Aurora riding is one of the ridings especially of concern to the Tories. This means that our riding will be listened to carefully to see why people have voted the way that they did when the election is over. You have a chance to make your vote heard all the way back to Ottawa. We are not worried about spliting the right. We beleive if our "bell - weather" riding does not turn out as expected or with the landslide expected that the word will get out that there are "Social Conservative" values in our riding that are not making it into the public platform of the Main stream conservative party. This is your chance to be heard by the rest of the country. Do not worry about the elections outcome or who will get in. Worry that your concerns will be noticed. If you have concerns similar to the ones I raise and you don't vote for them, dont expect the rest of the country to listen to them.

Harper says there are social conservatives in his party but he has not proven he is listening to them. He says he's a fiscal conservative. We have a problem with that when he has no plan to pay off the debt on a mortgage schedule. 600 billion. Only 3 billion will be paid down this year by paying 33 billion interest plus 3 billion principle. We say pay 48 billion total to arrest 15 billion from our debt this year. Do this and the power of compounding will get us out of debt in the next 30 years so that we don't perpetrate a crime on future generations by leaving it to them.

Harper and the Liberals are both offering to fix day-care so that more famillies can have publicly funded daycare. Approximately 20% of Candians now use daycare. We all pay for it. When polled Canadians would rather have a spouse, relative or neighbour look after thier children. Statistics prove that children who have more personal and less institutonal contact during their formative years are less angry and require less social services and remedial help in their education and ultimately in fitting into society. We want the ruling government to stop offering day-care plans and offer instead 1000 dollars per month tax allowance to any couple willing to keep one of members out of the work force to raise the next generation of Canadian Citizens. This is far better than going off to work to have someone else raise your kids. It will result in virtually no unemployement, lessened wellfare, lessened avialability of workers causing employers to possibly reduce blue collar services to white class workers, such as 24 hour shopping. This would allow people to rest and enjoy life. We need to improve the quality of life for Canadians, especially our Blue collar workers who provide services to the rest of us who take them for granted. I have interviewed many who have no feeling of familly life and who are not happy about the way things are for them in our society. They get ignored by the types that work in regular jobs 9 to 5 jobs and are uneffected so directly by the demands of our society on our working citizens all around them. We would also save the 50 dollar per child per day cost that the same workers pay in taxes to cover the free daycare offered. They don't see this directly but it shows up on their tax return as a hidden cost that all Canadians pay a portion of. The first 6,000 dollars of the average tax return goes to paying the national debt.

Our message to all the other parties is stop offering us big election promises that inevitably will pull more money from our back pockets when we fill in our tax returns. Just get us out of debt. Do this so that what is happening in the USA will not affect as much as it does right now in the future. Insulate our country by doing something better than our neighbour to the south with our money.

--- The Article I am refering to, regarding the importance of our riding ---

Tories targeting 40 key unheld ridings in Quebec, Ontario
A Hill Times article by Simon Doyle, Abbas Rana and Bea Vongdouanchanh documents the 40 Conservative targeted ridings. The in-paper version included a table of the ridings, and I've linked this article with the 40 ridings so people will know if they are one of them.
Please try to talk to all Candidates about copyright, but especially talk to the Conservatives in these ridings. It would be great if during this election that the Conservatives could find their "Charlie Angus" -- someone who can switch the party from being anti-technology/modernization to being an advocate.
By Russell McOrmond at 2008/09/29 - 10:25 read more Russell McOrmond's blog

This is repeated from http://www.digital-copyright.ca/election2008/blog?edid=35053


Events comming up:

I will be speaking at Natures Emporium on Oct 3rd at 7 pm until 8:30 pm. You ought to know about how the rights of Candians are being violated and how due process of law is being circumvented with Bill C51 and Bill C52. The discussion will include the abuses that are happening by Human Rights tribunals accross our land. We want to know why none of the other parties are speaking out against it.

Nature's Emporium
Your leading organic and health food store in Newmarket
16655 Yonge StNewmarket, ONL3X 1V6Canada
Tel. (905) 898-1844 ext. #110Fax. (905) 898-0237http://www.naturesemporium.com/

It is confirmed that I am invited to the Aurora Town Hall debate on Oct 6th. Please see your local paper for details.

It is confirmed that I am invited to the Jeniffer Harrison hosted debate at Rogers TV on Oct 7th. Watch for this to be on TV at 5 pm live on Oct 7th and thereafter it should be repeated.

It is confirmed that I am invited to the Town Hall debate to be held at the Newmarket Theatre on Oct 8th. Please see your local paper for details.

Look for the ERA Banner this week. I should have an article in there along with the other candidates. If my picture is not included this time please call in to complaign. All other 5 candidates have had their picutre in the Banner so far but mine was not put in. The Banner says they hope to remedy that situation. Please assist in making that hope come true.

Ray Luff Toronto Star Sept 25,2008.

We made it into the Toronto Star on Sept 25th. If anyone has the original article, please let me know so I can pick it up from you for my scrap book. Unfortunately corrections I sent in for some typos did not make it into the article. I do not want people to drop out of society I want them to drop out of the workforce to raise our future generation of children. We want a 1000 dollar per month familly friendly tax allowance not credit. If you can bear with the few typos I believe you will agree with what was said in the article. (I took the liberty to make these corrections here on the blog. You may go to the link to the star to see the published version.)

Ray Luff TheStar.com - Candidate Profile - Ray Luff

Supplied Photo

Ray Luff is running for the Christian Heritage Party of Canada in Newmarket-Aurora.
September 25, 2008
Age: 48
Marital Status: Married
Children: 3
Occupation: I.S. Managment Consultant to some of Canadas Largest Corporations, municipal governments and Crown institutions. Notable clients have included the Ministry of Revenue of Ontario, Ontario Hydro, IBM, FEDEX in the USA and Accenture.
Education: Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Peoplesoft CRM Certification,
Offices previously held or contested: None.
Political heroes: My political Hero is Daniel of the Bible. He was willing to stand up for what he believes and he was willing to go into a fiery furnace for what he did and what he said to the ruler of his day and I love the fact that he survived it.
Most important issue: Our riding has fiscal concerns. Our country owes 600 Billion on the national debt. While we are pleased that recently the debt was reduced by 40 Billion dollars, we are greatly concerned that the current combination of unbridled government spending and tax giveaways has lessened their current commitment to paying just 3 Billion this year. If the government can chose from year to year whatever amount they want without being held to an amortization schedule they will inevitably pass debt to future generations. Doing so is fraud and theft from future generations and is a drain on the economy which consumes currently 6,000 dollars per household in unnecessary interest on the debt payments each year they file their income taxes. No wonder why we have 2 income families. We need one income to pay for this so we can keep the other one if we are lucky enough to have equal earning categories. We also propose to help families that we take away excess spending from the government and use it to allow us to move toward income tax splitting between spouses. This and future debt reduction would slowly allow more and more members of our society to opt out of the workforce to give more attention to raising our future generation of citizens and it will allow for more home care provision in neighborhoods by those that are able to stay at home because of the changes to what we will call "family income tax" laws. We would want these laws to be enshrined in principles which require that further tweaking in the future meet the requirement of improving conditions for young families with the goal in mind of encouraging home ownership for more people in our society and more options for either spouse to opt out of the work force. We feel that this will cause job pay rates to increase for those remaining in the workforce which will further benefit families. As the only party which has gone on record as believing in the right to life from inception to natural death we believe that giving people more opportunity to opt out of the work force will allow them to start families at a younger age. This in turn will allow for some progress in reducing the current abortion rate of 110,000 per year as people stop having abortions merely for economic reasons to delay raising a family later in life when it is hope it will be more affordable. We propose an increased tax allowance of 1000 dollars per month for any family that wants to keep a spouse at home. We will save 2,000 for every abortion spared toward funding this (currently 220 Million per year in Canada) We will stop funding the 3 million being given to prochoice lobbying groups. Most people don't know that Harper increased it from 1.1 to 3.0 million as soon as he got int office. We will find other sources of wasted government spending which is designed to promote the rights of the minority of Canadians pitted against the rights of the majority of Canadians.
Why you entered politics: I was finding that no elected party was being fiscally responsible and offering a plan to pay off our National debt on amortization schedule so that it would be paid off within my lifetime. I was also finding that you can be the majority in Canada and not have your interests protected at the expense of minority interests. I find that there is no party standing for what Canadians want. Many want to protest but they don't know how. I felt that there was a piece of the pie missing on the election ballot and CHP has come along to provide that missing option that Canadians need so they can send a clear message back to Ottawa. I thought finally there is a party not asking me to compromise my convictions for whom I can vote with my conscience rather than against it in the vague hope that my social concerns for this country will be satisfied. Since joining this small party however I have also discovered inequities in our electoral process that are ignored by the governments in power who are not affected. I discovered that we donýt get part for the 30 million that the elected parties get to run their campaigns nor the 2 dollars per vote because they have made it hard for the underdog to speak out for what they believe in, in our society. Pierre Trudea started this practice in 1968. None of the parties once elected speak out against it once they are at the trough themselves. It is time for it to stop and that 30 Million can also be given back to families as well. They are the ones that ultimately earn it. Give it back to them. We want to see the playing field leveled to make elections fairer for all Canadians. Look at all the big signs of the main parites and realize that you paid for them . It was a fraud against you as a citizen. We suggest that you be allowed to allocate which party you would like supported with you tax vote on your tax return. You may chose any legally registered party in Canada as your choice, rather than letting them do it for you which discriminates against the upcoming parties in our electoral system.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

White Ribbon Campaign.

The CHP Candidates “Canada’s only Social Conservative Party” are wearing a purple ribbon in this campaign. This signifies our concern to end abuses in our society. One of them being the abuse of power by governments who believe that their rule is Supreme over Canada and who do not recognize that our Constitution recognizes the Supremacy of God and not government as the final authority over our land.
We will also be wearing a white ribbon and we are aking all persons who agree with the right to life from inception to natural death to wear one with us. We know that there are members of all the parties who agree with us in that statement. You can wear this as a statement that you want this topic discussed. Some of the other candidates who agree with us are being told that they are not allowed to bring up this topic. Wear this ribbon if you want this topic brought up. It doesn't mean you are voting for CHP but our party does not accept party members who have not made this committemnt. So you can rest assured if you do vote for us that we will faithfully represent the right of the unborn.
We hope that the mainstream Conservatives actually have a hidden agenda that agrees with us. I am providing some links of interest for those that want to explore this further to see what they are saying. This is what our leader Ron Gray noticed but couldn’t get it picked up in the papers at the time.


If you agree with the right to life get some white ribbon or string and make a loop to put on for the remainder of this election. There are some right to life persons in all the parties. There are only right to life persons in ours. It doesn't mean you are voting for us to wear the ribbon. It does mean that you want this issue talked about, that it has not gone away.
We will be making these available at the townhall meetings and on Friday Oct 3rd when I speak at Natures Emporium At Yonge and Mullock 7pm to 8:30 pm. You can also arange to pick one up at my house. Email: rayluff@rogers.com for directions.
Further Links of interest which indicate that they verdict is not in yet regarding right to life.


These links were found using google. We do not endorse everything they say. We provide them just to help people catch up on the issues.
We call for the ruling parties after this election to decide that the fetus is a legal person just as Parliament did this in 1929 regarding the legal personhood of women so that they could get the vote. It is as simple as that to end the unnecessary 110,000 abortions in Canada at an expense of 2,000 dollars each (220 Million) and 2 hours each of precious hospital operating room time 220,000 hours pf life ending surgeries which contributes greatly to the wait times of other Canadians awaiting life saving surgeries.
Let me know what you think.

She has sent us this powerpoint presentation for others to view. We changed it to PDF to save time viewing it's message.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sign floating in pond at Upper Canada Mall

Our campaign started with only 23 signs which cost us 3 dollars each + 4 dollars to add the Vinyl letters "Ray Luff". Approx 175 including tax. The other parties could afford to spend thousands on their signs partly due to the fact that an unfair 30 Million dollars of tax payers money is given to the ruling parties to run their campaigs. The small parties are not included in this. A party that obtains 5% of the national vote gets 2.00 dollars of your tax money for every vote given to them to assist in their campaigns. We want the ruling parties to change the laws to allow individuals to designate their giving to the party of their choice when they file their tax returns. The government takes the money anyways without giving tax payers their preference.

We are down to 20 signs now. We had13 in Newmarket but now have 10 and 10 in Aurora. Early in the campaign a concerted effort was made to steal and destroy our signs in Newmarket. 6 of our 13 signs were knocked over. The wire frames were mangled. 3 of our signs were stolen. The signs of the other parties went untouched. We are continually having to stand our signs up again or search the bushes for them in our campaign. This picture is one of our signs floating in a pond in front of the Upper Canada Mall.

If you can help us to buy more signs or other helps for our campaign please contact Ray Luff 905 830-0573. The first 400 dollars contributed to our campaign is 75% deductable on your income tax form. You don't have to live in our riding to help our campaign and qualify for the tax deduction, but you do have to reside in Canada.

For Further information: http://www.chpelection.ca/on_newmarketaurora.html

Questions by Era Banner Answered

We put our response in to the Era Banner today to some questions they asked. Expect to see this in next week's paper. Hopefully this time it will include a picture of myself so that people will recognize me better leading up to the townhall debates. One on Oct 6th at the Aurora Theatre and one on the 8th of October at the Newmarket Theatre.

Prior to these debates I will be giving a talk at Natures Emporium on October 3rd in Newmarket at 7 pm until 8:30 pm. We are showing our solidaritiy with those that wish bill C51 scrappped. Come and hear the reasons why.

Nature's Emporium
Your leading organic and health food store in Newmarket
16655 Yonge StNewmarket, ONL3X 1V6Canada
Tel. (905) 898-1844 ext. #110Fax. (905) 898-0237http://www.naturesemporium.com/

---- response to questionairre by the Era Banner, -----


Accountability - In a political role, accountability is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions, decisions, and policies and the obligation to explain and be answerable for resulting consequences. Politicians are often criticized for saying one thing but voting the party line despite constituents' wishes. How would you be more accountable and why should voters believe you?

We are a fast growing party right now with all the concern about Human rights commissions causing people to not be guided by their conscience. We are really concerned that none of the other parties are taking up this cause. The government has no right to force people to act against their conscience. If the elected parliamentarians obeyed our current constitution they would realize that they are accountable to a higher power than the government. The current Constitution which governs our land is committed to Judeo Christian principles. It says
“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”
Canadian Coins have stamped D.G.Regina which means “Gods Glory the Queen”. Our country was called the “Dominion of Canada” (Ps 72:8). We sing “God save our Land”.
The Tories in their guiding principles call for belief in the Supremacy of Government and the rule of law. We believe a person’s conscience is guided by the Supremacy of higher laws than the Government. We will always allow free votes on matters of conscience in Parliament. All laws, practices and institutions that violate this principle are null and void as they violate the charter.

Economy - Canada's inflation rate has hit a five-year high and we are already feeling the ripple effect of economic troubles south of the border. If elected, what tasks will you undertake to help turn the tide?

The current government says it is being fiscally conservative. They have distanced themselves from being Socially Conservative which is the position we are glad to take from them. Most people talk about the US owing so much national debt that I talk to but when I tell them that we owe 600 Billion dollars in National debt they are really taken aback. Currently we are paying off that debt by only 3 Billion a year, yet there are election promises going on offering to give money back to Canadians. We want all parties to commit to a mortgage schedule that will pay the debt off within 30 years. Then if we beat our target in a certain year then give money back to Canadians. Currently it is costing every family 6,000 dollars to pay the national debt when they file their income taxes. A tight fiscal policy will keep inflation in check. As we meet our targets of lowering the debt we will be able to then give tax relief to Canadians by putting some of that money back in their hands. Our dollar will rise further as investors will have more confidence in our economy and prices will deflate.

Environment - Plans for a new peak-demand power plant to serve York Region's growing population have divided the community. What is the solution to York's energy woes and what will you do - in a detailed plan, including costs - to address these concerns?

We have real environmental issues that need real scientific know how to solve. Heating our homes with underground thermal methods, solar power, and insulating with higher R factor windows are of great importance. Don’t get fooled by Green shifts and carbon taxes. Any farmer knows that water vapor and Carbon are needed to grow vegetables. We mustn’t fall for the Science falsely so called of Carbon and Green Shift information that the other parties are being fooled by. Al Gore lied in his film about the scientific community agreeing with him. 3500 Scientists have written against his film only 51 for it. His 2500 he quoted are not scientists but a political movement that does no scientific research. Warming has also happened on Mars and there are no SUV’s up there to explain it. Solar activity from the sun is the best explanation. In August we had no solar spots for the first time in 100 years. Expect a very cold winter this year. Greenland had grape vines around the year 1000 which they do not have now. We have only warmed .7 degrees in the past 100 years. What they are not telling you is that glaciers have become taller as they have receded.
I will analyze the specifics of the peaking plant when in office and apply fiscal conservative principles in helping us to decide what is best for our region.

Health Care - Despite ongoing expansion projects, overcrowding and ER backlogs remain a reality in York Region. What's the solution? How will you effectively lobby to get action on this?

We have a shortage of 5,000 doctors and 220 million dollars per years is being spent on on offering 110,000 elective abortions in our country's hospitals. Our party would have parliament declare that the unborn are legally persons just as they declared in 1929 that women are legally persons. If they did this the courts would rule to protect the unborn and would free up beds, money and doctors. Then doctors could do what they are called to do which is to obey the Hippocratic oath. The money saved would be used toward the provision of a 1000 dollar per month family tax allowance for families where one member can stay home to raise children. This would save us 50 dollars per child in government subsidized day care. In turn this would cause a reduction in youth violence and a reduction in policing and social work case loads; The need for welfare would be virtually eliminated.
We also endorse the notion of allowing open competition for OHIP dollars by private Health providers. A Good example of this is Shouldice Hospital in Thornhill. We see no problem with private enterprise being encouraged to compete for OHIP funding.

Social Issues - York Region is a community of immigrants. Services to assist new Canadians are overcrowded, creating lengthy waits. What are you going to do to improve things? Give us a detailed plan explaining where the funds would come from?

As we allow 110,000 more Canadians to enter our country through the birth canal we will be able to reduce the number of Canadians entering through immigration, currently 250,000 per year. Then our existing services will better able to absorb and acclimatize these individuals to the culture of our society which offers freedom of religion to all who come to our country. We have a situation now where immigrants are packed in ghettos within our cities where we have drive by shootings and other types of violence springing up because of the difficulty of helping these folks to be upwardly mobile in our society. The other benefit we will have to our economy in future years will be the lowering of the average age of Canadians. Currently the average immigrant is age 30. Babies enter at age 0. In order to help Canadians to raise families we need to allow a significant number to opt out of the work force.
We need to show care and compassion for those that need help to fit into our society. I am speaking of Immigrants, babies, mothers, families and the impoverished. Anyone who needs a helping hand ought to find one in our society.

Ray Luff

An article of interest to those concerned about Global Warming

For Further information:


Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Toronto Metro News.

This is a followup letter to the Toronto Metro News this week. We don't know which day it went in. We hope they posted it

Dear Robins

Thank you for the call today. We are a fast growing party right now with all the concern about Human rights commissions causing people to not be guided by their conscience. We are really concerned that none of the other parties are taking up this cause. The government has no right to force people to act against their conscience. If they obeyed our current constitution they would realize that they are accountable to a higher power. The current Constitution which governs our land is committed to Judea Christian principles. It says
“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law” http://laws.justice.gc.ca/en/charter/index.html

We live in a situation where governments want us to be believe in the supremacy of Government, but who are they accountable to? Certainly they ought to stop any agencies that have been set up in our land that curtail basic rights and freedoms. When you violate someone’s conscience you violate the very law that the Canadian Government is supposed to protect.

The current government says it is being fiscally conservative. They have distanced themselves from being Socially Conservative which is the position we are glad to take from them. Most people talk about the US owing so much national debt that I talk to but when I tell them that we owe 600 Billion dollars in National debt they are really taken aback. Currently we are paying off that debt by only 3 Billion a year, yet there are election promises going on offering to give money back to Canadians. We want governments to commit to paying down the debt on a mortgage schedule that will pay the debt off within 30 years. Then if we beat our target in a certain year then give money back to Canadians. We are in a situation where the other parties are always putting the cart before the horse. We are trying to get it to be the other way around. Currently it is costing every family 6,000 dollars to pay the national debt when they file their income taxes. As we meet our targets of lowering the debt we will be able to part of the 6,000 dollars back in the hands of Canadians.

Please call for any clarification. If you can let me know which day the interview will run. It would be much appreciated. I understand I can view the article online from what you told me at http://www.metronews.ca/

Thanks for the interview on behalf of Metro Toronto News.

Ray Luff’s bio can be found at the following link.

The Canadian Federal Election of Sept / Oct 2008.

The Conservative Party broke a campaign promise that they would not allow another election until the end of the four years of their term of office. The power to call an election was duely handed off to the Governor Generals office. But there was a loophole. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is the boss of the Governor General. He merely went and asked the Governor General to call an election and he was duely obliged. This was done just 2 years into his mandate at an expense to the public of 280,000,000.00 dollars (280 Million)

What Candians don't know is that 30,000,000.00 dollars (30 Million) is divied up to help all the ruling parties to run their campaign. Nothing is given to the fringe parties to run theirs. When you see all the disgusting signage everywhere poluting our land realize that it is your tax dollars that put them there. We are running our entire campaign with just 20 signs by comparison. (Those 20 signs cost us 200 dollars. We had 23 but 3 were stolen. Imagine the costs associated with all the other signs that you see.)

What Canadians don't know is that a party has to come up with 1000 dollars to register their candidate with Elections Canada. We don't mind that. It keeps people out of the process that aren't serious. But all these costs hurt small parties most.

What many Canadians don't know is that 2.00 per vote is made available only to parties that get more that 5% of the vote accross Canada. Our party traditionally has remained below 4% of the vote. We don't get that bonus either. We aske the ruling parties how fair is it to line your pockets while suppressing the opposition of the smaller parties. We ask that Canadians be allowed to designate a 2 dollar amount (that is taken from them anywasy) on their tax return to the party of their chosing. We do not think current practices are fair.

In 1968 Liberal Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau started the practice of giving public funds to the ruling parties for their campaigns. The PC's at that time vowed to erase it when they obtained power. A promise that under the Mulroony government later on was never kept. We ask the ruling parties to stop these inequities. Stop this public funding of your campaigns.

To be a party that offers tax exemption to its contributors you must run candidates in no less than 50 ridings. That is also a hardship for new parties but one that we have met this year with 60 ridings represented in this election. Another way however that discrimination is alowed toward new parties that form such as ours. It is an uphill battle to confront the ruling parties of our Land with the better solutions that we have to offer.

Many Canadians might not realize that the first 400 dollars they give to a political party gives a 75% tax credit for their filing of their personal income taxes. You could help our party greatly by donating 400 to 1100 dollars to our campaign. Please consider this request.

We have a message that we want to send to Ottawa. I wanted however to start out by informing you of the cost in so many ways that is needed to prepare this message including finding candidates and volunteers accross our land. If you do not have a CHP option to vote for in this election please let us know so that we can start a riding association in your riding and find you a candidate for the next election. Visit the main website http://www.chp.ca/ to find out more about donating and signing up as a member. You can still get a deduction on your taxes by helping us in another riding financially during this campaign.

Now that I have discussed money my future emails will concentrate on the issues.

Ray Luff
Candidate - CHP - Newmarket / Aurora