Friday, December 5, 2008

Bravo Stephen Harper & Lois Brown

Thank you Stephen Harper for listening. The Christian Heritage Party made as part of our election platform in the 58 ridings we ran in the idea that the government hand out of funds which only ends up going to the ruling parties is unfair. Mr. Harper listened, even when it seemed that candidates in the ridings for his party did not always understand this issue.

This unfair tax was started by the Liberals under Prime Minister Trudeau. At the time the Progressive Conservative Party vowed it would get rid of this tax when they came to power. By the time they came to power under Prime Minister Mulrouney they had long forgotten this campaign pledge. The rational for this 30 Million dollar tax on Canadian citizens which is passed to the ruling parties was at the time stated to be to assist parties who did not have injection of moneys from big business interests to help their campaigns. It was said to level the playing field. The PC's at the time saw that most of the money was proportioned to whoever had the highest vote in parliament and they saw it as a power grab by Trudeau to remain in power as when he rose to power he had the highest number of seats for the Liberal party in history at the time he wanted this measure brought in. They saw this as one of the reasons it was so hard for many years to unseat the Liberal party from power. They saw this as Liberal Tyranny which they swore they would eradicate.

I and the CHP party also wish to congradulate Lois Brown and those Social Conservatives who have been seen on question period wearing the white ribbon. This is another indication that we have a government under Stephen Harper which is trying in various ways to stand on principle. We only wish that the tax on Canadian of 220 Million dollars to fund 110,000 life threatening, indeed life ending procedures in Canada would also be cut. This tax is draconinan in that the vast majority of Canadians do not favour this high number of terminations of human life. This procedure is the highest elective surgery performed in our hospitals. Canadians are well aware of the wait times for surgery in our Country but not overly aware that this procedure is a main culprit in causing the wait times. This tax of 220 Million paid by Canadians is paid whether they agree with this free procedure being performed or not. That is what makes it draconian.

I and the CHP party also fully support the Conservatives in their desire to not increase our countries national debt. We are currently paying approximately 30% of every tax dollar to service debt. Under the Liberals not so many years ago we were paying closer to 40% of every dollar on debt.

Bravo Stephen Harper for listening and standing on principle. Bravo Lois Brown from the Newmarket Aurora riding for wearing the white ribbon.

If you are a person of faith reading this, obey Romans 13 and pray for this current sitting government.

Also in support of the Harper governements willingness to stand on principle read this excellent article by Timothy Bloedow.

Please sign the following petition as well.

See also the following article by Reuters Canada,
Harper has crushing poll lead on crisis...

Over 300 Million tax grab from Canadians by ruling parties since 2004
There is much higher funding to elected parties than most Canadians realize. Over 300 Million in public funding has been spent on the ruling parties since 2004. Read this article.

Poll Finds Majority of Canadians Want Abortion Limits,
Protections for UnbornOttawa, Canada ( -- A new poll of Canadians conducted by Environics and sponsored by the educational group LifeCanada finds a majority of Canadians want limits on abortion even though Canada is normally seen as an abortion-friendly nation. The results of the new survey are consistent with similar polls conducted in prior years. Canada allows abortions through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason and has very little in the way of limits -- but that's something Canadians appear to want to change. The survey found 6 in 10 respondents support legal protection for unborn children at some point before birth and only 33% support the current situation of protection only after birth. Once again, women polled showed far more support for protecting unborn children. A majority of Canadians support informed consent requirements before an abortion that would be consistent with the informed consent expected and provided before any legitimate surgical procedure. Almost two-thirds, 65%, of respondents agree that women considering abortion should be informed of the risks and possible consequences of the abortion. Full story at

World's Leading Internet Evangelist Calls for a National Day of Prayer
and Fasting for the Economy by Staff December 5, 2008 MEDIA ADVISORY, ( -- Bill Keller, founder of and the world's leading internet evangelist, is calling for a National Day of Prayer and Fasting for the Economy. By way of a petition to President Bush and Congress, Keller and 250,000 petitioners plan to ask the outgoing president to officially proclaim Thursday, December 18th as a National Day of Prayer.

In the face of a national crisis, declaring a National Day is something many former presidents have done. Accordingly, Keller has established a link to an online petition on his web site. Based on the interest and traffic to his site regarding the proposed National Day of Prayer and Fasting, Keller estimates that well over 250,000 signatures will be submitted for the petition.

Keller recently made national headlines when he claimed that God was using the economy to judge the nation for its sins. The reason, Keller explained, none of the solutions put forth by the world's greatest economists to correct the falling economy have worked is simple: the problem is not an economic one.

"The crisis is a spiritual problem," said Keller. "The answer to our economic downfall is not an infusion of trillions of dollars, but the humble prayers of forgiveness and repentance for our sin and rebellion against God." See Full story at ->

Final words,

The following is a quote from CHP Candidate Leslie Bartley which I concur with fully, "We should have an election that focuses on the real reason for this coup, the government funding of political parties. Canadian taxpayers should not be funding any party, let alone a separatist party that could not survive on its own fundraising efforts. Of course they get no sympathy from the CHP on this issue. Our policy is still the best. "

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