Saturday, October 4, 2008

Why Human Rights Commissions?

Why does the Harper government allow Human rights commissions to exist? They do nothing but take away the rights of ordinary citizens. The doctors recently were targeted by them. They were told to check their beliefs at the door and perform functions that they deem unethical and against their conscience rather than referring patients as is the practice now when a doctor finds it against their sense of right and wrong to obey a patients request. The government failed to define what those requests are but wanted full compliance of the doctors to this demand to be willing to go against their own personal sense of morality.)-We believe the problem is that Governments have come to believe in the Supremacy of government rather than as our constitution states “the Supremacy of God” over our country. (

"Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:"
Governments become unaccountable to the public when there is no higher authority over them. If you do not believe in God then we ask that you believe in your Conscience. Do you want a government that will force you to act against your conscience?
Why are we blaming the current sitting government for the Human rights commissions. Because they are silent on the matter. We want a position to be stated by them. No other party is stating their position regarding the current gross violations of human rights that are happening by non-elected government funded tribunals which have been allowed to run rough shod throughout our land. We want whoever rules our country after this election to reign in these agencies and restore to Canadians the due process of law which is part of our heritage. We also believe when it comes to the issuance of laws that affect the moral judgements of our country that Ottawa is responsible for protecting the rights of citizens.
In 1929 Parliament trumped the Supreme court of Canada decision that women are not legally persons by declaring that women are legally citizens. Parliament has been sitting lame regardless of whether the liberals or the conservatives have been in power since then. We call on them to declare that the unborn are legally citizens. We call on them to declare that human rights tribunals are to be disbanded in our nation as we have the courts and parliament to decide the rights of our citizens. We call on the Parliament to obey the charter which says that all citizens have equal rights in our country. We call on government to get rid of Tribunals and to examine the Supreme Court of Canada judgements to see if they are contstitutional based on 1982 Charter which states that "Canada is a Nation which recognizes the Supremacy of God."
We call on the Conservative Party to change their governing principles which are unconstitutional from asking for a pledge from their members to the Supremacy of Government and the rule of law to a pledge to uphold the constitution a pledge to the Supremacy of God and the Rule of Law. We call on this for the other parties as well. How can we sing "God save our land" otherwise?
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Join our White Ribbon Campaign

Read about Larry Spencer's experience in Ottawa. Larry was a sitting MP who is now with the CHP Party.

Another book I recommend is called "No Sacred Ground - Human Rights Thought Police clamping down on Christians" You can find it at this website.

Ruler supreme, who hearest humble prayer,Hold our Dominion, in thy loving care.Help us to find, O God, in thee,A lasting rich reward.As waiting for the better day,We ever stand on guard.

Did you know that we refer to God on all the coins we carry in our pockets?

D - Dao = God

G - Gracia = Gracious

Regina = Queen

This is latin for "The Queen by the grace of God"

This inscription is added becasue we want a Queen that is subject to a higher authority. Thats why we used to sing "God save the Queen". We still sing "God save our land" in the national anthem becasue we want a government that is subject to a higher authority.

Did you know that Canada's original name was "Dominion of Canada" because a verse of scripture was discussed by our founding fathers found in Psalm 72:8 which says "He shall have dominion from sea to sea". The founding fathers prayed for 3 hours about this in the Parliament and then decided to name our country "Dominion of Canada" rather than just "Canada". Later on to commemorate this decision it was inscribed over the archway to the peace tower. These things were done to remind future generations just as the CHP is doing about the Heritage of our Land.

Did you know there are 3 more verses to "O Canada"?
1. O Canada! Our home and native land!
True patriot love in all thy sons command.
With glowing hearts we see thee rise, The True North strong and free!
From far and wide, O Canada, We stand on guard for thee.

God keep our land glorious and free!
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.
O Canada, we stand on guard for thee.

2. O Canada! Where pines and maples grow,
Great prairies spread and Lordly rivers flow!
How dear to us thy broad domain, From East to Western sea!
The land of hope for all who toil, The true North strong and free!

3. O Canada! Beneath thy shining skies,
May Stalwart sons, and gentle maidens rise.
To keep thee steadfast thro' the years, From East to Western sea.
Our own beloved native land, Our true North strong and free!

4. Ruler supreme, who hearest humble prayer,
Hold our Dominion, in thy loving care. Help us to find, O God,
in thee, A lasting rich reward.
As waiting for the better day, We ever stand on guard.
Ruler supreme, who hearest humble prayer,

4th verse refrain:
Hold our Dominion, in thy loving care.
Help us to find, O God, in thee,A lasting rich reward.
As waiting for the better day,We ever stand on guard.

What about seperation of church and state?
Canada was not a theocracy in times past when these references to God were made in our society. We want to return Canada to its Heritage. We at CHP believe in seperation of church and state, but Canada has become so seperate that it is losing its lustre as the great and free society that it once was. We want to return Canada to its greatness. No one need fear our intentions as the great freedoms and due process of law that we enjoy are due to the Christian Heritage that made our country great. There is room in our Canadian heritage for other religions and beliefs as freedom and liberty are at the core of the Judeo Christian values that our great country were originally built on.

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Pastor David said...

I'll be praying for you, Ray. We need Godly men in government. The lack thereof in the United States is destroying this country.