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Homelessness happens quickly.

I spent over 10 years as a volunteer counsellor at Yonge Street Mission in Toronto. I remember a man who rented a home outside of Toronto. One day he was laid off. He decided to come down to Toronto to find work and left his wife with the kids. Six weeks later he was desperate, living in the Sally Ann; He was unkempt and he was in great despair. His wife and kids had been evicted and were living with her parents. His life had fallen apart. He became a homeless person to what to him seemed overnight. He had lost his family as well in the process.

The CHP platform has a plan to virtually end poverty by reducing the work force and making it available for those who need it, by offering 12,000 per year to couples to have one of them drop out of the workforce to raise their children.

Candidate Ray Luff - Christian Heritage Party

Written in response to this article reported by York Region News.

Another Good Article (112,000 at Risk)

Also Check out what the Salvation Army has to say at their website


CHP has Better Solutions for fighting poverty
CHP is against the issuing of tax-credits because they discriminate against the poorest members of our society who don't make enough to file a tax return. Instead

--- excerpted from CHP Platform at website ----
CHP wants to Introduce Family-friendly Childcare Allowance—$1,000 a month for families where one parent stays home to raise the children.
CHP policy, overall, reflects the conviction that the married two-parent family is the most important foundation of society. Public policy should reflect a recognition and protection of the important function of a family in training up the next generation of stable and responsible citizens. The CHP Family Friendly Childcare Allowance touches on child care, but in a way totally different from all of the other parties. It would provide $1000 per month to any family where one of the parents chose to stay home and raise their children—until age 18—unlike the current policy of $100 per month for children under 6.

The Conservatives recently added a $2000 per child tax credit—annually—which will provide about $310 per child in tax relief. Hardly what a family needs to help a parent stay home to raise their children. For real pro-family legislation, you need the CHP’s $12,000 annual childcare allowance.

The average take-home pay of a woman who works at a second job is under $1000 per month. We want to help her stay home and care for her children if that is what she wants, and surveys continually tell us that this is what she wants.

Additionally, it will open about 1.5 million existing job spaces -- mostly entry-level jobs, which would especially help to relieve youth unemployment -- and would reduce overall unemployment to between 3 and 5 per cent.

Now that’s a Better Solution!
--- End of Excerpt from CHP Platform. ----

For Better Solutions read the full CHP Platform here:

My own experience
Many don't know this but until age 8 I myself lived in a project called Edingarth court near Yorkdale mall. That is why poverty is one of my concerns and why I have invested many years of my life volunteering in various ways to help people who are under its weight. I have my father to thank that he managed to work his way out of the project by retraining and starting a career path in his early 30's. I also have the government to thank that back in the 1960's before our nation fell into what seems like insurmountable debt that made it more possible to work your way out of poverty. It doesn't seem so easy for folks today.

My wife and I bought our first home in what is called the patch. A subdivision of semi-detached homes on the east side of Yonge Street, across from Upper Canada Mall. We have been fortunate in various ways and hope to do whatever we can to help others as we have been helped.

Please do your part to get our blog news to your friends, neighbours and relatives. If you found this blog or were invited by someone to view it, please send an email with a link to it to all your friends and relatives. Our platform was not of great interest to the media. We need your help to get the word out to the 86,000 voters in our riding.
To send the strongest possible message go to the main CHP site and sign up as a member, especially if your are from outside the Newmarket - Aurora region and there is no CHP candidate for you to vote for on your ballot. There have been faithful members of the CHP in the Newmarket - Aurora riding waiting for the past 2 elections for a candidate to speak for them which I am now doing. Let us prove that we represent the people not just by votes at the ballot but by signed up memberships in the party.
The need for Rest - Reflecting on the message after attending Church on Sunday morning Oct 12th. I appreciated this morning a message that was given at a church we visited called "Salvation Army Northridge Community Church" in Newmarket. The message regarded the need for rest. We need to have rest in our society from our busy lives. We need times to reflect and appreciate all the good things that God has given us. Our party policy regarding having less workers in the workplace would have the side benefit of encouraging the retail operations to cut down on 24 hour shopping and Sunday shopping as workers will be harder to find. We hope they will be found at home with their families resting and nurturing the next generation of Canadians to have wholesome family values. Community involvement, volunteerism and time to consider our personal beliefs might also be fostered, when we take time to rest.

A final word to my readers on Thanksgiving day
I trust if you are reading this post on Oct 12th that you were able to rest today and celebrate Thanksgiving. At 7pm on Channel ten please consider watching the one hour debate that was recorded at Rogers TV. Let others know by sending them this email so they can tune in too. On election day VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE! I am not worried if you don't vote for me but reflect and decide where your vote will go that will do the most good for Canada. If you toss it our way then you are voting that the message matters more than winning. You are giving us a vote that will make our voice heard through the media later on. If we get enough votes they will listen. If we don't we may not be here next time.

Podcast Live Show 8:00pm on Wednesday Oct 15th.
Brad Snell who assists in putting out a well organized Podcast based internet radio show from an office building on Bay Street, Toronto was in the audience who heard my message to the Aurora Chamber of Commerce debate regarding the fact that no one shows concern for the ethics of where our borrowed national debt comes from. As a result he invited me to come to the studio downtown to as his guest to discuss this further at 8:00 pm on Wednesday. The other topic that may come up on the show will be the current bailouts of the banks including the Conservative Governments recent move this past Friday. CHP is the only party that stands for the elimination of the Public Debt during our lifetimes.

We may also touch on the topic of the current Green Shift and C02 hysteria.

Click on this address at 8pm Wednesday night to here me live on this show which will discuss the aftermath of the election 2008.

<< THE SPECIFIC LINK WILL BE HERE ON WEDNESSDAY >> A general link to the radio station for those interested is

I have decided that I will continue accepting such invitations after the election to continue to promote the CHP party between elections.

Did you miss the debates Click here to listen to Ray's answers at the Aurora Town hall Debate on October 6th.


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Keith said...


We met at the Tim Horton’s at Longford & Davis the other day.

I am glad to have bumped into you. I found our conversation very informative and I am very interested in the issues we had discussed.

You asked me to email you to let you know that your email campaign is working.

I received your emaIl from a friend and have forwarded it to all parties on my forward lists, including all my church contacts.

Feel free to use my name when relaying the news to other parties.

Please add me to your mailing list.

Thankyou for the offer to attend your house Tuesday evening to celebrate the votes you receive, but I have church. I play guitar there and also operate the projection system.

Good luck and I will get out to vote for you.


Keith Campbell.