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Questions by Era Banner Answered

We put our response in to the Era Banner today to some questions they asked. Expect to see this in next week's paper. Hopefully this time it will include a picture of myself so that people will recognize me better leading up to the townhall debates. One on Oct 6th at the Aurora Theatre and one on the 8th of October at the Newmarket Theatre.

Prior to these debates I will be giving a talk at Natures Emporium on October 3rd in Newmarket at 7 pm until 8:30 pm. We are showing our solidaritiy with those that wish bill C51 scrappped. Come and hear the reasons why.

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---- response to questionairre by the Era Banner, -----


Accountability - In a political role, accountability is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions, decisions, and policies and the obligation to explain and be answerable for resulting consequences. Politicians are often criticized for saying one thing but voting the party line despite constituents' wishes. How would you be more accountable and why should voters believe you?

We are a fast growing party right now with all the concern about Human rights commissions causing people to not be guided by their conscience. We are really concerned that none of the other parties are taking up this cause. The government has no right to force people to act against their conscience. If the elected parliamentarians obeyed our current constitution they would realize that they are accountable to a higher power than the government. The current Constitution which governs our land is committed to Judeo Christian principles. It says
“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”
Canadian Coins have stamped D.G.Regina which means “Gods Glory the Queen”. Our country was called the “Dominion of Canada” (Ps 72:8). We sing “God save our Land”.
The Tories in their guiding principles call for belief in the Supremacy of Government and the rule of law. We believe a person’s conscience is guided by the Supremacy of higher laws than the Government. We will always allow free votes on matters of conscience in Parliament. All laws, practices and institutions that violate this principle are null and void as they violate the charter.

Economy - Canada's inflation rate has hit a five-year high and we are already feeling the ripple effect of economic troubles south of the border. If elected, what tasks will you undertake to help turn the tide?

The current government says it is being fiscally conservative. They have distanced themselves from being Socially Conservative which is the position we are glad to take from them. Most people talk about the US owing so much national debt that I talk to but when I tell them that we owe 600 Billion dollars in National debt they are really taken aback. Currently we are paying off that debt by only 3 Billion a year, yet there are election promises going on offering to give money back to Canadians. We want all parties to commit to a mortgage schedule that will pay the debt off within 30 years. Then if we beat our target in a certain year then give money back to Canadians. Currently it is costing every family 6,000 dollars to pay the national debt when they file their income taxes. A tight fiscal policy will keep inflation in check. As we meet our targets of lowering the debt we will be able to then give tax relief to Canadians by putting some of that money back in their hands. Our dollar will rise further as investors will have more confidence in our economy and prices will deflate.

Environment - Plans for a new peak-demand power plant to serve York Region's growing population have divided the community. What is the solution to York's energy woes and what will you do - in a detailed plan, including costs - to address these concerns?

We have real environmental issues that need real scientific know how to solve. Heating our homes with underground thermal methods, solar power, and insulating with higher R factor windows are of great importance. Don’t get fooled by Green shifts and carbon taxes. Any farmer knows that water vapor and Carbon are needed to grow vegetables. We mustn’t fall for the Science falsely so called of Carbon and Green Shift information that the other parties are being fooled by. Al Gore lied in his film about the scientific community agreeing with him. 3500 Scientists have written against his film only 51 for it. His 2500 he quoted are not scientists but a political movement that does no scientific research. Warming has also happened on Mars and there are no SUV’s up there to explain it. Solar activity from the sun is the best explanation. In August we had no solar spots for the first time in 100 years. Expect a very cold winter this year. Greenland had grape vines around the year 1000 which they do not have now. We have only warmed .7 degrees in the past 100 years. What they are not telling you is that glaciers have become taller as they have receded.
I will analyze the specifics of the peaking plant when in office and apply fiscal conservative principles in helping us to decide what is best for our region.

Health Care - Despite ongoing expansion projects, overcrowding and ER backlogs remain a reality in York Region. What's the solution? How will you effectively lobby to get action on this?

We have a shortage of 5,000 doctors and 220 million dollars per years is being spent on on offering 110,000 elective abortions in our country's hospitals. Our party would have parliament declare that the unborn are legally persons just as they declared in 1929 that women are legally persons. If they did this the courts would rule to protect the unborn and would free up beds, money and doctors. Then doctors could do what they are called to do which is to obey the Hippocratic oath. The money saved would be used toward the provision of a 1000 dollar per month family tax allowance for families where one member can stay home to raise children. This would save us 50 dollars per child in government subsidized day care. In turn this would cause a reduction in youth violence and a reduction in policing and social work case loads; The need for welfare would be virtually eliminated.
We also endorse the notion of allowing open competition for OHIP dollars by private Health providers. A Good example of this is Shouldice Hospital in Thornhill. We see no problem with private enterprise being encouraged to compete for OHIP funding.

Social Issues - York Region is a community of immigrants. Services to assist new Canadians are overcrowded, creating lengthy waits. What are you going to do to improve things? Give us a detailed plan explaining where the funds would come from?

As we allow 110,000 more Canadians to enter our country through the birth canal we will be able to reduce the number of Canadians entering through immigration, currently 250,000 per year. Then our existing services will better able to absorb and acclimatize these individuals to the culture of our society which offers freedom of religion to all who come to our country. We have a situation now where immigrants are packed in ghettos within our cities where we have drive by shootings and other types of violence springing up because of the difficulty of helping these folks to be upwardly mobile in our society. The other benefit we will have to our economy in future years will be the lowering of the average age of Canadians. Currently the average immigrant is age 30. Babies enter at age 0. In order to help Canadians to raise families we need to allow a significant number to opt out of the work force.
We need to show care and compassion for those that need help to fit into our society. I am speaking of Immigrants, babies, mothers, families and the impoverished. Anyone who needs a helping hand ought to find one in our society.

Ray Luff

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