Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Toronto Metro News.

This is a followup letter to the Toronto Metro News this week. We don't know which day it went in. We hope they posted it

Dear Robins

Thank you for the call today. We are a fast growing party right now with all the concern about Human rights commissions causing people to not be guided by their conscience. We are really concerned that none of the other parties are taking up this cause. The government has no right to force people to act against their conscience. If they obeyed our current constitution they would realize that they are accountable to a higher power. The current Constitution which governs our land is committed to Judea Christian principles. It says
“Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law”

We live in a situation where governments want us to be believe in the supremacy of Government, but who are they accountable to? Certainly they ought to stop any agencies that have been set up in our land that curtail basic rights and freedoms. When you violate someone’s conscience you violate the very law that the Canadian Government is supposed to protect.

The current government says it is being fiscally conservative. They have distanced themselves from being Socially Conservative which is the position we are glad to take from them. Most people talk about the US owing so much national debt that I talk to but when I tell them that we owe 600 Billion dollars in National debt they are really taken aback. Currently we are paying off that debt by only 3 Billion a year, yet there are election promises going on offering to give money back to Canadians. We want governments to commit to paying down the debt on a mortgage schedule that will pay the debt off within 30 years. Then if we beat our target in a certain year then give money back to Canadians. We are in a situation where the other parties are always putting the cart before the horse. We are trying to get it to be the other way around. Currently it is costing every family 6,000 dollars to pay the national debt when they file their income taxes. As we meet our targets of lowering the debt we will be able to part of the 6,000 dollars back in the hands of Canadians.

Please call for any clarification. If you can let me know which day the interview will run. It would be much appreciated. I understand I can view the article online from what you told me at

Thanks for the interview on behalf of Metro Toronto News.

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