Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sign floating in pond at Upper Canada Mall

Our campaign started with only 23 signs which cost us 3 dollars each + 4 dollars to add the Vinyl letters "Ray Luff". Approx 175 including tax. The other parties could afford to spend thousands on their signs partly due to the fact that an unfair 30 Million dollars of tax payers money is given to the ruling parties to run their campaigs. The small parties are not included in this. A party that obtains 5% of the national vote gets 2.00 dollars of your tax money for every vote given to them to assist in their campaigns. We want the ruling parties to change the laws to allow individuals to designate their giving to the party of their choice when they file their tax returns. The government takes the money anyways without giving tax payers their preference.

We are down to 20 signs now. We had13 in Newmarket but now have 10 and 10 in Aurora. Early in the campaign a concerted effort was made to steal and destroy our signs in Newmarket. 6 of our 13 signs were knocked over. The wire frames were mangled. 3 of our signs were stolen. The signs of the other parties went untouched. We are continually having to stand our signs up again or search the bushes for them in our campaign. This picture is one of our signs floating in a pond in front of the Upper Canada Mall.

If you can help us to buy more signs or other helps for our campaign please contact Ray Luff 905 830-0573. The first 400 dollars contributed to our campaign is 75% deductable on your income tax form. You don't have to live in our riding to help our campaign and qualify for the tax deduction, but you do have to reside in Canada.

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