Monday, September 29, 2008

Tories targeted our riding as key to this election.

Newmarket - Aurora riding is one of the ridings especially of concern to the Tories. This means that our riding will be listened to carefully to see why people have voted the way that they did when the election is over. You have a chance to make your vote heard all the way back to Ottawa. We are not worried about spliting the right. We beleive if our "bell - weather" riding does not turn out as expected or with the landslide expected that the word will get out that there are "Social Conservative" values in our riding that are not making it into the public platform of the Main stream conservative party. This is your chance to be heard by the rest of the country. Do not worry about the elections outcome or who will get in. Worry that your concerns will be noticed. If you have concerns similar to the ones I raise and you don't vote for them, dont expect the rest of the country to listen to them.

Harper says there are social conservatives in his party but he has not proven he is listening to them. He says he's a fiscal conservative. We have a problem with that when he has no plan to pay off the debt on a mortgage schedule. 600 billion. Only 3 billion will be paid down this year by paying 33 billion interest plus 3 billion principle. We say pay 48 billion total to arrest 15 billion from our debt this year. Do this and the power of compounding will get us out of debt in the next 30 years so that we don't perpetrate a crime on future generations by leaving it to them.

Harper and the Liberals are both offering to fix day-care so that more famillies can have publicly funded daycare. Approximately 20% of Candians now use daycare. We all pay for it. When polled Canadians would rather have a spouse, relative or neighbour look after thier children. Statistics prove that children who have more personal and less institutonal contact during their formative years are less angry and require less social services and remedial help in their education and ultimately in fitting into society. We want the ruling government to stop offering day-care plans and offer instead 1000 dollars per month tax allowance to any couple willing to keep one of members out of the work force to raise the next generation of Canadian Citizens. This is far better than going off to work to have someone else raise your kids. It will result in virtually no unemployement, lessened wellfare, lessened avialability of workers causing employers to possibly reduce blue collar services to white class workers, such as 24 hour shopping. This would allow people to rest and enjoy life. We need to improve the quality of life for Canadians, especially our Blue collar workers who provide services to the rest of us who take them for granted. I have interviewed many who have no feeling of familly life and who are not happy about the way things are for them in our society. They get ignored by the types that work in regular jobs 9 to 5 jobs and are uneffected so directly by the demands of our society on our working citizens all around them. We would also save the 50 dollar per child per day cost that the same workers pay in taxes to cover the free daycare offered. They don't see this directly but it shows up on their tax return as a hidden cost that all Canadians pay a portion of. The first 6,000 dollars of the average tax return goes to paying the national debt.

Our message to all the other parties is stop offering us big election promises that inevitably will pull more money from our back pockets when we fill in our tax returns. Just get us out of debt. Do this so that what is happening in the USA will not affect as much as it does right now in the future. Insulate our country by doing something better than our neighbour to the south with our money.

--- The Article I am refering to, regarding the importance of our riding ---

Tories targeting 40 key unheld ridings in Quebec, Ontario
A Hill Times article by Simon Doyle, Abbas Rana and Bea Vongdouanchanh documents the 40 Conservative targeted ridings. The in-paper version included a table of the ridings, and I've linked this article with the 40 ridings so people will know if they are one of them.
Please try to talk to all Candidates about copyright, but especially talk to the Conservatives in these ridings. It would be great if during this election that the Conservatives could find their "Charlie Angus" -- someone who can switch the party from being anti-technology/modernization to being an advocate.
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Events comming up:

I will be speaking at Natures Emporium on Oct 3rd at 7 pm until 8:30 pm. You ought to know about how the rights of Candians are being violated and how due process of law is being circumvented with Bill C51 and Bill C52. The discussion will include the abuses that are happening by Human Rights tribunals accross our land. We want to know why none of the other parties are speaking out against it.

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It is confirmed that I am invited to the Aurora Town Hall debate on Oct 6th. Please see your local paper for details.

It is confirmed that I am invited to the Jeniffer Harrison hosted debate at Rogers TV on Oct 7th. Watch for this to be on TV at 5 pm live on Oct 7th and thereafter it should be repeated.

It is confirmed that I am invited to the Town Hall debate to be held at the Newmarket Theatre on Oct 8th. Please see your local paper for details.

Look for the ERA Banner this week. I should have an article in there along with the other candidates. If my picture is not included this time please call in to complaign. All other 5 candidates have had their picutre in the Banner so far but mine was not put in. The Banner says they hope to remedy that situation. Please assist in making that hope come true.

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