Wednesday, June 13, 2012

News update.

I ran as the candidate for the Newmarket / Arora riding during the 2008 election. After that I wrote a book which examined the over 160 english versions of the Bible which gave advice regarding what to look for in selecting a version. After that I worked on a new Translation of the Bible which I am calling the Simplified King James Version.  I also served as the president of a charity at that time.

When the 2011 election came around I was unable to seperate myself from these activities and I was also recovering from a bad whiplash from a car accident in which my car was rolled over by a person who did not see a stop sign while on the phone with her mother.

I would like to see the CHP get its message out to Canada even if just by advocacy.  If anyone in the CHP Newmarket / Aurora riding wants to run a candidate in the next election get in touch with me at  I am not rulling out that I will run again. But I will only do it if I hear from you. I would also get behind someone else who wishes to run for the riding.

I thought I would post some CHP Videos from time to time between elections here. Be sure also to look at the website.

The following is a message from our national leader.

Also please check out one of my other blog websites that are being kept more up to date about my current activities.

We can argue about My truth, Your truth or Gods truth. Gods truth trumps you and I and His views ought to be expressed in the political arena. But His views affect all other areas of life as well so do not limit your interests if you agree with me to the political arena alone. You will not fix peoples worldview by insisting they agree with yours. You can do it one person at a time if you can help them to know there is a God who loves them and wants them to know Him.

Your 2008 CHP Newmarket / Aurora Candidate,

Ray Luff

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